Knitted in Love

Knitted in Love

Psalm 139:13 (English Standard Version)

13For you formed my inward parts;

you knitted me together in my mother’s womb.

This verse rings true in many seasons in my life, but specifically two this year being the birth of our little baby girl Zoe Claire Humphrey and the celebration of Mother’s day. As I sit back and ponder the blessing of being raised in a God-fearing home I thank God for my mother and I try and filter the rush of adjectives that describe this great lady of faith. Some include: loving, graceful, sweet, Godly, protective, sensitive, gentle, warm, thoughtful, caring, and faithful just to name a few.

I watch her as she cares, loves and nurtures her grandkids and how they look to “Meema” with great love and joy in their heart. It reminds me of how she raised my brother and I, and how my mother and father instilled God’s word, character, and integrity within us. I pray that I can raise my son and daughter the same way that my parents raised me!

Last month I was teaching our MS students about sex, dating, and what the Bible says on this issue; we went through the verse in Psalm 139. I then shared that when you have a baby people give you all kind of neat stuff like: clothes, diapers, gift cards, and blankets. I told them that we received a ton of blankets; some were small, big, short, furry, soft, warm and cuddly. I told them that most of them were bought and perfectly manufactured. BUT I told them that the one that I treasured the most was the one that my mother knit together for my daughter, because my mother knit it with love, knit it with care, knit it with time and effort. I told them that my mother probably prayed for my baby girl as she knit it, she probably sang worships songs and spoke God’s word into it all with my baby girl on her mind and in her heart – EVEN BEFORE SHE KNEW HER.

I then paralleled that to the verse in Psalm 139 – God took the time to form the inward parts, He knitted us in our mother’s womb. He could have easily spoken us into existence, he could have thought us into being, but He knitted us. God knitted each of us together with love and with care. We are God’s children, and everything about us was wonderfully designed for His purpose and pleasure! So on this past Mother’s day weekend I was able to spend it with my mother & father, my wife, and our 2 kids who mean the world to me! I AM SO VERY BLESSED by the One who knits us together in love.


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  1. Very nice. You are so very blessed.

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